Thursday, June 24, 2010

You wanted the best, you got the BEST! MABEL!

So those of you that dabble in my life know that there is one dog that brings me much joy without having to do too much. And that's good for her because she's prone to not doing much at all. But that's ok, because my Mabel long ago learned that food and shelter would come to her no matter what.

Now, two things need to be said about Mabel. First, she is a wimp. An absolute wuss. Scared of everything. So taking pictures of her for this blog proved rather hard. Because of this, the shot I was able to take is not head on. That's ok. The point is made I think. You just don't get to see her sweet face.

Second, my family and I have done a horrible job training Mabel. She's a beggar. Through and through.

The dog: Mabel

The food: I really don't know. Probably something that my mom sprinkled flax seed on and tried to convince me was good.

The place: My parents' living room

The synopsis: Honestly, my favorite thing about this photo is how well my mom matches her surroundings. Kinda like that scene in Garden State where Zach Braff matches the wallpaper. Momma gotta coooooordinate.

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