Monday, June 14, 2010

A lesson in perspective...

So take a look at Foxy, a dog belonging to a coworker of Amy in CA. Foxy is, from what I've heard, a regular sized dog. If Foxy was as big as this pictures purports him to be I'm sure I would have heard about him via a large news outlet (a la Einstein, the pint-sized pony). But, like Picasso skewed our points of view or like Escher exploited our architecturally imposed restraints, Foxy and his owner are challenging our notions of a regular sized dog. A few possibilities:

a) Foxy is two inches tall

b) Foxy's owner is 8 feet tall

c) There exists a tear in the fabric of space in this living room

You decide. I haven't even begun to discuss the food elements of this photo yet!

The dog: Foxy

The food: Pupcorn (HA!)

The place: Sunny California, where nothing is what it seems

The synopsis: I think there are snakes in the world that can eat horses, so I guess it's possible for a dog of this size to eat a kernal of pupcorn that is as big as the dog itself. I'll go with Possibility A.

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