Monday, May 24, 2010

The many faces of Hunter: Installment the first - Sneaky

Ok, so in all honesty the title of this post is what it is in hopes that Kelly and Tim will submit more photos of Hunter staring lovingly at food. After all, he was one of the inspirations behind this blog. I've never seen such simultaneous concentration, forlornment, anticipation, desire, and passion in one dog's face as he stares down the barrel of a loaded food item. Here's a pic submitted by Mrs. N of Hunter sneaking his giant head into a tightly wound group of birthday revelers.

The dog: Hunter!

The food: birthday cake

The place: unknown.

The synopsis: Oh man, Hunter you're looking grey, dude. So many years of unadulterated exhuberance is starting to wear you down. But some things don't age--and that's the taste of eggs/flour/sugar/dripping wax in your greedy little mitts. So good after all these years.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For there is no divide too wide, no energy drink too enticing

Today's post comes courtesy of the Salzmans and stars their dogs, Molly and Louise. Molly (stubby) is a precious little runt and Louise (black and shiney) is a spastic nose biter. While their personalities may differ, their love of anything that resembles food that is held enticingly above their head unites them.

The dog(s): Molly and Louise
The food: Flour and Rock Star Sugar-Free Energy Drink
The place: The Salzman's kitchen
The synopsis: I'm usually a firm believer in giving dogs food if they beg for it cute enough, but I think in this case the dogs, and we as a civilization, are better off if they don't consume Rock Star Sugar-Free Energy Drink.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Even on my birthday I have to beg...

So yesterday was my birthday and I thought the best way to celebrate it today was to post a doggie birthday shot. This one comes from Tina--it's her lovely pup Arcea (Arse for short) and guess what he gets for his birthday? I don't know! It's some pastry though. And boy does he want it.

The dog: Arcea
The food: Ummm...Tina help me out on this one (UPDATE: pate chaud).
The place: Near a lap
The synopsis: Look at those eyes. It must be an evolutionary advantage for domesticated dogs to have such expressive eyes. I would fork over whatever I was eating if those eyes were being bandied about.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thankscraving cont.

Today's post is a special memorial post for a little dog named Hershey. He liked it when I scratched his ears. He hated people's feet. Most importantly, he loved to patiently wait for turkey, even when there was no turkey coming his way. Says submitter Angela:

This was Thanksgiving a couple of years ago in Plainview, Texas. As you know, we stopped feeding Hershey people food back in 2001 because of his PANCREATITUS. But yet, he never stopped begging (and staring).

The dog: Hershey
The food: TURKEY!
The place: Devereaux's kitchen
The synopsis: I hope that Hershey is given at least a little turkey in doggie heaven. Though I don't know how medically advanced doggie heaven is, so maybe his pancreatitus still prohibits such things.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Curse of the Lack of the Opposable Thumb

Today's post comes from dog enthusiast Laura Sylvest who brings to our attention the cravings of Bodie (furry) and Ruby (smooth). Laura offers her take below:

I particularly like [these] because the dogs can see the handle of the tool that, if they had opposable thumbs, would allow them to feed themselves. Alas, they are limited by the dog bodies they are trapped in and must instead stare blankly ahead at what they'll never have: Thanksgiving turkey.

The dog(s): Bodie and Ruby
The food: TURKEY!
The place: Sylvest's kitchen
The synopsis: These are clever dogs in action. They know that no good can come from diving right in. Patience is the name of the game. And, perhaps because of that, they know their best chance for sweet, meaty redemption is to focus their efforts away from the food and on to the utensil which may, god willing, provide them that food. For that, we can all be thankful.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boa's Beggin' for Beef

Here we go! Now we're off and running. This shot is really what I'm talking about. Look at that TONGUE! If you'll allow me to anthropomorphize for a bit, that tongue is probably saying, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THE BOUNTY I'M ABOUT TO RECEIVE."

The dog: Boa.
The food: Hot dog chunks.
The place: My backyard.
The synopsis: Boa was pretty all over the place during our staff party. The one constant was that she tried to get her little shaggy paws on our food, in whatever form it came in. She licked the grill brush at one point to get the dusty, gritty remains from whatever we cooked weeks ago. Eating these chunks totally awakened a dormant spirit in her, as she went off on anything--be it real or imaginary--trying to find more of that sweet, sweet beef.
Entrancement Scale (1-10): 8

SALZ! That's right, look up here!

So here's a picture of my friend Merah's dog looking at some kind of food. I'll get to my rundown in a second, but I thought that Merah's e-mail wherein she sent this photo is funnier than anything I can write:

"Would this qualify for your new BLOG??...Or is your blog just going to have one entry forever??...NB i was asking for pics of my dog bc i miss her, NOT specifically for your blog."

Literally from inquisitive to sarcastically dismissive in three sentences. That's my Merah! Miss you!

Anyways, the rundown:

The dog: Salz.
The food: Unknown. Maybe dangling grapes. Maybe.
The place: Unknown. Perhaps an IKEA showroom?
The synopsis: This dog is quite accustomed to being patient to get what she wants.
Entrancement Scale (1-10): 7.5.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The premiere post

Hi everyone,

So here's the first of what I hope is many posts. Note the dog in the background, staring at the food in the foreground. That is what I'm looking for people.

The dog: Named TBD (though I like Boo or Thandie...get on it, KAITLYN!)
The food: Herr's chips and some bootleg Teddy Grahams
The place: My living room
The synopsis: TBD was a surprisingly distracted dog considering the bevy of treats laid out in front of her. I had to shake the bags to get her attention, but after I gave her a chip her attention was all mine.
Entrancement scale (1-10): 6.