Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thankscraving cont.

Today's post is a special memorial post for a little dog named Hershey. He liked it when I scratched his ears. He hated people's feet. Most importantly, he loved to patiently wait for turkey, even when there was no turkey coming his way. Says submitter Angela:

This was Thanksgiving a couple of years ago in Plainview, Texas. As you know, we stopped feeding Hershey people food back in 2001 because of his PANCREATITUS. But yet, he never stopped begging (and staring).

The dog: Hershey
The food: TURKEY!
The place: Devereaux's kitchen
The synopsis: I hope that Hershey is given at least a little turkey in doggie heaven. Though I don't know how medically advanced doggie heaven is, so maybe his pancreatitus still prohibits such things.

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