Thursday, May 13, 2010

Even on my birthday I have to beg...

So yesterday was my birthday and I thought the best way to celebrate it today was to post a doggie birthday shot. This one comes from Tina--it's her lovely pup Arcea (Arse for short) and guess what he gets for his birthday? I don't know! It's some pastry though. And boy does he want it.

The dog: Arcea
The food: Ummm...Tina help me out on this one (UPDATE: pate chaud).
The place: Near a lap
The synopsis: Look at those eyes. It must be an evolutionary advantage for domesticated dogs to have such expressive eyes. I would fork over whatever I was eating if those eyes were being bandied about.


  1. happy 3rd annual 25th bday, brad!!! and thanks for posting this photo of arse looking at food he wants to eat.

    in this photo, arse is looking at bánh pâté chaud - a savory vietnamese pastry. while the average human only sees a dull pastry shell, the arse, led by his keen sense of smell, is not fooled. he knows about the marinated beef + veggie filling, and with his big sad puppy eyes, arse intends to make this pâté chaud his own!!