Thursday, May 6, 2010

SALZ! That's right, look up here!

So here's a picture of my friend Merah's dog looking at some kind of food. I'll get to my rundown in a second, but I thought that Merah's e-mail wherein she sent this photo is funnier than anything I can write:

"Would this qualify for your new BLOG??...Or is your blog just going to have one entry forever??...NB i was asking for pics of my dog bc i miss her, NOT specifically for your blog."

Literally from inquisitive to sarcastically dismissive in three sentences. That's my Merah! Miss you!

Anyways, the rundown:

The dog: Salz.
The food: Unknown. Maybe dangling grapes. Maybe.
The place: Unknown. Perhaps an IKEA showroom?
The synopsis: This dog is quite accustomed to being patient to get what she wants.
Entrancement Scale (1-10): 7.5.

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