Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I have no connection to this dog, yet I empathize so fiercely

So my friend Val Pal sent me a rather remarkable set of doggie pictures that her co-worker's mom made into a calendar. THEN, to further convolute this matter, she sent me photos that didn't make the final doggie calendar cut. But it is in this convolution that this gem was uncovered. Everyone, say hello to Byte. Byte the dog. HA! I can see how saying that out loud would be funny.

Anyways, I've never been a fan of set up doggie shots (Ed. note: LIAR!) but this one is pretty cute.

The dog: Byte

The food: In what is quickly becoming this blog's go-to protein, turkey.

The place: A somewhat well-lit room

The synopsis: Byte. Sorry brother. You asked for this fate being so patient and malleable. Go ahead. Grab a leg. I won't tell. You're needed at the next location in five wearing a Santa beard.


  1. Someone throw that dog a bone!

  2. Look at the friggin' napkin he's wearing! Love it.