Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Slowly the bacon enveloped us all...and we died deliciously

This is another study of perspective. Does the dog want the bacon or does the bacon want to eat the dog!?!?! Which hand is drawing the other one? Where do the stairs go? Are those fish or birds?!?!I'm all out of references cuz I didn't go to art school!

But our submitter did. This is another Lady Gilp original--this time with her mum's pup.

The dog: Dexter
The food: Bacon
The place: Bodymore, Murderland
The synopsis: C is for baCon!


  1. what happened to the entrancement scale?

  2. Ah the entrancement scale. I guess I kinda forgot about it. This one would be a six--Dexter is fully aware that he may not receive the bacon so he's not putting all his eggs in that basket.